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We ask that you consider quoting all classifications that you are pre-qualified for and strongly encourage you to utilize DBE involvement at all tiers of work, labor, material and supplies when possible.

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Item No. Contract ID Description DBE Type Location Bid Due Date Estimator Email
00841000-200863Bridge surface and partial beam removal and replacement, deck joint replacement and approach work on 10 Mile Road (West Division Street NE) over Rogue River.0%521 FaKent County03/01/
03039000-1309990.60 mi of hot mix asphalt cold milling and resurfacing, pavement removal, aggregate base, concrete driveway, curb, gutter, sidewalk and ramps, drainage, watermain and pavement markings on Romence Rd from Oakland Dr to Constitution Blvd.5%1325 K / Cb, Ea / Cb, JPortage, Kalamazoo County03/01/
03233000-129375Bridge removals and replacements with a precast 4-sided concrete box culvert and approach work on Olds Road over Perry Creek.0%1017 Ea / FaIngham County03/01/
03701000-133066Remove and replace hot mix asphalt bridge wearing surface, replace waterproofing membrane, concrete beam end repairs, substructure patching and guardrail on West Bamfield Road over the AuSable River.0%285 FaAlcona County03/01/
04411051-131063-21.05 mi of hot mix asphalt shared use path, steel pedestrian bridge, cofferdams, concrete sidewalk ramps, culvert and signing on Indiana-Michigan River Valley Trail from the Brandywine Creek Nature Preserve to Fort Street.3%968 Fa / Cb, EaBerrien County03/01/
07056000-133017Replace wearing surface and waterproofing membrane, concrete box beam patching, replace expansion joint and heavy riprap on Magrudder Road over Pine River and North Saginaw Road over Big Salt River.0%630 FaMidland County03/01/
07613000-133087Bridge replacement with precast three sided culvert, concrete sidewalk, curb, gutter, driveway, sewer, drainage, guardrail, cofferdams, steel piles and approach work on Monroe Street over Rice Creek.0%1019 Fa / EaMarshall, Calhoun County03/01/