Bid List & Quotes

We ask that you consider quoting all classifications that you are pre-qualified for and strongly encourage you to utilize DBE involvement at all tiers of work, labor, material and supplies when possible.

Plans and Proposals can be obtained from the e-Proposal website at: MILogin For Third Party.

If there is no estimator, please send your estimates to

If submitting multiple quotes via email please send as one file attachment under one email message or as multiple attachments under one email message.The type of files preferred are: xlsx, xls, docx, pdf and jpeg.

Item No. Contract ID Description DBE Type Location Bid Due Date Estimator Email
00541000-213133SUP along Plaster Creek Blvd.5%JKent Co05/06/
00841000-209809Multiple Bridge Rehabs, City of Grand Rapids0%N9-1AKent Co05/06/
01811016-213266I-94 over Pipestone Road5%Ea, FaBerrien Co05/06/
02370000-205535Fillmore St/Cottonwood Dr5%Ea, N7Ottawa Co05/06/
04670000-205368Dogwood Drive, City of Ferrysburg4%EaOttawa Co05/06/
06078000-211919East Lafayette & North Franks, City of Sturgis5%EaSt. Joseph Co05/06/
06470000-213136Lakewood Boulevard5%EaOttawa Co05/06/
06661000-205897Harrisburg Road4%CbMuskegon Co05/06/
06953432-132919Hansen Road5%CbMason Co05/06/