Safety & Health Policy Statement

Milbocker & Sons, Inc. consider no phase of its operation more important than safety and health protection. We will provide and maintain safe and healthful working conditions and establish and insist upon safe work methods and practices at all times.

Safety and health shall be an integral part of all operations including planning development, production, administration, sales and transportation. Accidents have no place in our company.

We will work consistently to maintain safe and healthful working conditions, to adhere to proper operating practices and procedures designed to prevent injury and illness, and to observe federal, state, local and company safety and health regulations.

Each level of management must reflect an interest in company safety and health rules as a part of their normal work routine. Management interest must be vocal, visible and continuous, from top management to department supervisors.

All employees are expected to follow safe working practices, obey rules and regulations as sanctioned by the company.

We urge all employees to make our safety and health program an integral part of their daily operations – then the total elimination of accidents and injuries will become not just an objective, but a way of life.